Baby Doc's Back

January 16, 2011

If you're interested in the Caribbean - now would be the time to watch Haiti, and very closely. After 25 years of exile, Baby Doc is back, thanks to President Preval, who would have had to issue him a diplomatic passport. So far, all he has said is that he is, "here to see how the situation is. I've seen a lot of bad image from outside." It's reported that, while some crowds were dancing in the street, most Haitians are indifferent.

You'll find your fastest, best news from Emily Troutman, who tweeted today that she,
"just told the door guy that #BabyDoc was back. All he said was, 'Bon bagay.' Make of it what you will."

In case you don't know, Baby Doc, and his father, the Duvaliers, tortured and killed their political opponents. The Irish Times reports that the people spent their time, "in an atmosphere of fear and repression ensured by the bloody Tonton Macoute, their feared secret police force.
The former Haitian leader has been accused of stealing millions of dollars from public funds and spiriting them out of the country to Swiss banks, though he denies stealing from Haiti. Author Amy Wilentz, whose book The Rainy Season is a definitive account of the aftermath of Duvalier's exile and Aristide's rise, said: 'Let's not forget what Duvalierism was: prison camps, torture, arbitrary arrest, extrajudicial killings, persecution of the opposition...if Haitian authorities allow Duvalier to return, can they thwart exiled President Aristide's desire to come back to the country?'"