to dread or not to dread?

December 22, 2010

Can we talk dreads?

Who has them, who knows someone with them - and what's the easiest way to get them done?

Furthermore - what about my career after this year? I can do the pseudo-sexy girl with a backpack and dreadlocks thing through the airport in Dubai and Entebbe, but job interviews? Professionalism? Does it matter when I dive in after my ventures?

On that note, how easy are they to un-do?

Now, let's also talk alternatives - if you were going overseas for 3-6 months, and you were going to live without running water and sporadic electricity - what would you do?

(photo via Healthy Hair Stylist)

(photo via this flicker)    


alicia said...

I have had dreads twice now. The first time I kept them for 14 months, this time I have had them for 9 months. My 10 year old daughter has them also.

For me it was about simplicity and contentment. I was always changing hairstyles and couldn't settle for what I had. We also live on the road in our RV and I can't imagine having to mess with my hair all the time.

I used the backcombing method and crocheted both mine and my daughters. No wax!

If I was going to be somewhere without electricity and/or water options I would so take the leap.