gifts that give back #1

December 7, 2010

Over the next week, I'll be posting a few gift ideas each day that for those of you that aren't doing a thrift store exchange this Christmas *coughmyfamilycough.* In between final papers and Spanish presentations (plural), I've thoroughly enjoyed scouring the net to find gifts that give to causes that I believe are not only doing good, but are promoting sustainability.

Just consider me your personal shopper. I'm good at it this way. In person, I tend to try on dresses I can't get out of, and I get a little emotional in the shoe aisle (I will forever remember the words: "but you have three pairs of black heels already!" like the tragic end of a very, very good dream - and I'm sure my freshman year roommate will forever remember the half an hour lecture I gave her on rounded sling backs versus three inch stilettos, versus two inch stilettos for the rest of her days as a shoe deprived legal secretary).

In other news, I'm running half on caffeine and half on kung pau chicken, so I should probably stop talking.

Happy shopping!

Punjammies are created in an after-care facility for women who have been rescued, released or escaped from a life of forced prostitution. Their aftercare involves medical and emotional care, education and the tools to create a new way of life for herself.

Hats, clothing and accessories from from Krochet Kids International, empowering the women of Northern Uganda with the assets, skills, and knowledge to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Check out their projects in Northern Uganda here

Paper Culture plants in a tree in your name every time you order one of their unique, beautiful recycled cardstock designs.  Not to mention, if you enter ”CA10″ at check out, 20% of your order will go directly to the  Somaly Mam Foundation to help end human trafficking and slavery worldwide.

Jewelry at sanctuary is made by 12-19 year girls that have survived human trafficking and are in the process of being restored through education, counseling, vocational training, and mental, emotional and spiritual healing. 

Rising Tide Fair Trade sells bohemian style bags made in a woman’s fair trade labor coop in West Bengal, India from re-purposed vintage kantha saris and cruelty-free black or brown suede. Purchases enable female artisans to provide for their families. 


jordie said...

Love them!
Another one I like is Sari Bari - on each bag, blanket, scarf etc. is the name of the woman who made it. (: