what nevaeh's hope wants for christmas

November 30, 2010

Remember this organization?

In case you don't, here's a bit of a recap, from their founder, Krista -

"Nevaeh's Hope is a non profit maternity home that desires to transform the lives of displaced, pregnant women and their children by providing educational resources in a nurturing environment where their physical, spiritual, and emotional growth promotes an independent lifestyle. 

We seek to equip women and families to live according to Biblical principles rooted in a love for Jesus Christ. We intend to help them make a better life by coming along side them, educating them in job training, budgeting, health care, nutrition, safety, education, parenting/adoption, counseling, and other life skills."

I listed several ways to help Krista's organization, in my post last year, and was excited when Krista sent me this! If you're in the Sacramento area, you should attend their event on the 13th. What an incredibly simple way to help women in need. 

(oh, and fan them on facebook, while you're at it).