ways to ensure your donation (actually) helps Haiti

November 22, 2010

With all my recent talk about the crisis in Haiti, I thought it was about time to do another what you can do post.

It's Monday - I'll get down to business quickly. I'm listing a few sustainable ways to spend your money in Haiti - projects in support of microfinance, getting behind the people and teaching them skills that will last.

Email or call your rep to help get the Help Haiti Act of 2010 HR 5283 passed.

Follow my friend John's journey into finding sustainable help for Haiti, and, when he finishes his pending proposal, donate to his project. 

Remember these kids? They're in need of donations for a school of their own. Donate here. For now, unfortunately, you have to send an email to info@alignministries.org to make sure your donation goes to the right place - they have a better system in the works. 

Buy one of these necklaces (I worked with the women in this project - can remember chasing children around with them, and laughing over chalk covered faces). 

Send much needed food supplies through Three Angels Haiti (and rest easy, knowing they're going to the right place). Donate a "Christmas in a box" here. 

Donate a cereal box to two of just about the cutest sixth graders I've ever seen, and provide material for women in Haiti to make necklaces to sell (more to come on this). 

Donate to Three Angels, and have a private foundation double it (for a limited amount of time).