Help Haiti Act, and your homework

November 20, 2010

This week? This week you have homework.

Because a little girl who laughs when I call and says "I know dat sound! Das my sister!" needs her citizenship, pronto.

URGENT ACTION CALL—We have just learned that the International Adoption Simplification Act – S. 1376 and the Help Haiti Act of 2010 – HR 5283 will be put on the suspension calendar early this week and maybe as soon as Monday afternoon.  We must act now.  Call or email your U.S. Representative today (no need to contact your Senator at this time).

Please contact your House member to ask them to support the International Adoption Simplification Act –S. 1376– and the Help Haiti Act of 2010 HR 5283.  To pass this bill, we will need a total of 290 votes.  Currently, there are  255 Democrats and 178 Republicans so please contact both your Republican and Democrat Representatives.  Again, please do not mail anything but fax, email or call your Representatives and if possible, speak to the adoption staffer.  Please also have your family and friends call as well.  

All house members and office numbers can be found at

A brief reminder of the International Adoption Simplification Act –S. 1376

Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to include in the definition of "child" a child adopted under the age of 18 (16 under current law) who has been: (1) in the custody of, and has resided with, the adopting parent or parents for at least two years; or (2) battered or subjected to extreme cruelty by the adopting parent or a family member residing in the same household.
Includes in the definition of "child," and thus in the exemption from required admissions vaccination documentation, certain children who have been adopted in a foreign country that is a signatory to the Hague or who are emigrating from such a country for U.S. adoption.
Help Haiti Act of 2010 HR 5283.  
Authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) to adjust to permanent resident status an alien who: (1) was granted parole admission into the United States pursuant to the humanitarian parole policy for certain Haitian orphans announced on January 18, 2010, and suspended as to new applications on April 15, 2010; (2) is physically present in the United States; (3) is admissible as an immigrant; and (4) files an application for adjustment not later than three years after enactment of this Act.


angela said...

can you give those of us who are not used to contacting officials an idea as to what to say? some of us might be in the dark on this but still want to help!


Shanley said...

Absolutely! I'm working on this - good point Ang.

PS for those of you commenting - Ang lived in Haiti for much longer than I did, and has some great thoughts/ideas on her blog.