women of distinction #2: Jackie Nagel

October 20, 2010

My stories for the Women of Distinction awards were primarily divided between nominees for athlete and entrepreneur of the year. 

Thus, second up is - Jackie Nagel: entrepreneur, marathon runner, cancer survivor.

A self-described "disruptor," Nagel said she has always been one to walk away from something if it wasn't working for her. So after beating cancer, Nagel walked away from her job. After finding out she had fibermialgia, she veered from her rheumatologist's advice, and trained for a marathon.

"I am not fast, by any stretch of the imagination, but I run the whole thing and I finish," Nagel said. "There's a lot of analogies between competing in an event like that - succeeding in an event like that - and business."

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(photo via Brad Graverson - staff photog at the Breeze).