October, laundry and other things to do

October 8, 2010

It's Friday, which means that I wrote a Spanish essay before 9:00 am, and will be spending the duration of my afternoon and evening at the Daily Breeze office. It's been a long week, and I have a 8 page essay due Monday, a Spanish presentation next Thursday (Five minutes speaking in Spanish without reading off my notes? Someone hand me something stiff and strong, pronto), and an endless pile of laundry taking over my papasan chair like an evil sock and underwear goober. 

However, October is my very favorite month, and I refuse to stay cooped up.  There's just far too much festival going, pumpkin carving, tea drinking and costume shopping to be done for one to stay inside studying all weekend long. 

Autumn always sparks new change in me. I laugh more often, and I find myself pausing in the middle of my day. There's something delicious about crisp weather - rainy weather, even. I had a professor that came to class soaking on Wednesday, and looked up, grinning, and said - "Isn't rain just GRAND!?" 

like her. 

So, without further ado, and beginning with the PLANS that the girls and I have for tonight, I've determined to get myself out and into the city as much as possible (aside from tackling the endless laundry goober that, incidentally, GREW this morning). No movie watching, couch potato-ing, pizza face stuffing, old office episode watching for this girl. 

Saturday, my brother is taking me to this artwalk in Los Angeles. 

The Pumpkin Man (who knew!?) left a note on our doorstep about getting free pumpkins dropped off, so it looks like we'll be dedicating an afternoon to carving. 

Fullerton's artwalk starts the first week of November, and there's a decent amount of local poetry readings taking place during October as well - check out the list here

The OC Register created this list of free, fabulous and fun things to do in the area this month for insanely cheap. (And by insanely cheap, I mean insanely cheap. You're talking to a girl who's waiting for her check to come in so she can stop eating rice and rice noodles for breakfast lunch and dinner. It's called the glutenless poverty diet - you think I'm joking, but I'm not). 

Drink, Eat, Travel posted "Weekend, What Up!?," a blog with a day by day list of events in Los Angeles this weekend (aside from being informative, Hallie is kind of hysterical, check her out). 

Have a fabulous weekend - hope you enjoy it as much as I plan to.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE the fall. this morning i let the dog out and stood on the porch with a hot mug of apple cider, drinking in the delicious cool breeze. then i put on fuschia patent shoes and my favorite white tweed hat and ended up at the thrift store where i scored a pink, green and grey striped knit dress for the little one. and everything seemed better, because it was fall. also, i miss you.