a month on vacation at home - take one

October 26, 2010

I went in for a follow up appointment this morning, after copious amounts of lab work last week, and a rather firm, "get some rest." When the labs all came back clean, my new (wonderful) nurse practitioner sat down with me and asked how much sleep I'm getting, exactly how many jobs I work, and if I went through anything stressful "such as a breakup" recently. After I laughed at her breakup assessment, admitted to working four jobs and quietly mumbled that I had gotten four hours of sleep last night, doctor's orders were that I should stay in, stress as little and relax as much as possible - for a whole month.

"I'll see you in four weeks," she said. "Start sleeping. Eliminate stress."

While her advice to, "take a vacation after midterms" was a little ridiculous, and I'm a little overwhelmed trying to work through what I can and can't quit - she's right. I cried for absolutely no reason yesterday, my spleen (yes, spleen) swelled up again last weekend and I haven't crawled into bed before 3 on a weekend night for about three months, much less succeeded in getting all my clothing (not to mention mascara) off beforehand.

I'll be writing about it. It's only been about six hours, and I'm already doubting the meaning of life, and thinking of all the projects I should be doing.

But for now, I'm (apparently) supposed to be going to bed, so I'll just share some of my first-day-in-confinement-findings with you.

Read about the Death of a Fulton Fish Market Fixture here.

Read The Village Organizer here.

I promise you'll fall in love with both of them.


oaxacaborn said...

Sleep, woman! Without guilt. Without second thoughts. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Also? I love you. a LOT.

Greg said...

yikes! Shanley!

Dude, take care of your spleen.