merging, for balance

October 14, 2010

I know that I have been inconsistent, this month, with posting on "Voye'm."

I think it's partly natural that this is the thing that would fall by the wayside - the conglomeration of trying to finish my last semester of undergrad work, writing features, volunteering for different nonprofits, and taking on the position of media director at Align has been, in a word, exhausting. But I like this blog, and I want to keep up with it.

I had an excellent nap on the couch yesterday, and woke up with new clarity.

An bridge architect featured in Real Simple said that, "Balance is Beautiful." I've thought on that often - mid sentence, mid paragraph, mid half-assing way too many things. Mostly, I thought of it yesterday afternoon.

My mother says time will clear up once I walk across that beloved stage, throw my cap in the air and get a kiss from Gramps who, I'm sure, will have a rousing, "Good job baby," that will satisfy this heart more than the words of any professor. She says my time will be more "focused."

That's nice, but that's in December.

It's October. I'm going nuts.

So, until then, I've decided to do a bit of merging, in the hopes of better continuing my work here.

Thanks to a wonderfully flexible editor, I've been writing, as of late, on things that spark my passion. Things like Invisible Children, clinics in Uganda and the women of distinction awards in Los Angeles.

I've decided to expand on my stories here, rather than finding new ones to fill space that, in a sense, has already been filled by my work writing features at the Breeze. This blog was, after all, supposed to center on the kind of work that makes me want to log overtime.

So, without more ado - The Women of Distinction Awards.

I wrote this week about the nominees for Athlete and Entrepreneur of the year, along with a healthcare provider or two. Along the way, I picked up advice for training for my first half (in May), thoughts on expanding sustainable microfinance programs and learned a thing or two about perseverance.

Look for my stories on the nominees, starting monday.

(photo via Mandi Cherico)