I made a list

September 3, 2010

Many of you have been asking what, exactly, you can do to help out with the people I worked with in Uganda.

Sponsorships = fabulous, and a HUGE way to make a difference. Donations, especially to Life With Hope, and the Donela school project = fabulous, and a great way to make a difference that is going to keep lasting, and building on itself.

Buying the necklaces we're selling/attending fundraisers = fun for us, and a great way to make sure that you're giving money that's going directly to the people I worked with and met.

But, beyond all that, I was reminded, this morning, of the lives of the people that have become a second family to me: Millie, Alex, Cesar, Morris, Esther, Isaac, Jeremiah...all 15? 16? of them, living in one loud, crazy, happy home that welcomed me with wide open arms this summer, and invited me in to be a part of something that changed me. I get messages from them, throughout my day, and I am snapped back to what seems like a deeper reality than the one I'm living here. I checked my email from my phone after Spanish class this morning, and got this one -

Hi Shan, I visited Vincent this evening. Went shopping with him, he walks with a limp and the aid of a stick. On our way to the market he got tired and almost tripped over, I kept on supporting him all the way. This is because of the pain from his wound. He bought 2 pairs of pants, a pair of shorts, 2 shirts, Toothpaste and soap. All under Life With Hope discretionary fund.
Any ways Vincent looked very happy after our shopping and I paid for a boda boda to take him and his stuff home. She insisted on serving me and I accepted but the food wasn't nice and ate for a while and gave to a kid standing by. You how you are with those small and tiny fish! lol.I arrived at their home at 3pm and his mom was serving lunch (Matoke, "Entula" that is some kind of green eggplants boiled in water that makes a lot of soup.) This kind of food "Entula" is considered lowly and eaten when someone has nothing else to cook. They have about a dozen of matooke plants around their house.

Boy's mom sent a care package while I was living in Uganda. As if it wasn't enough for her to be shipping off letters, socks and deet to Afghanistan, she sent me starbucks via, breakfast bars and numerous other things I broke down and begged her for. My stuff arrived after I left, and, after that, I got a message about how the flashlight she sent has been used for going to the bathroom at night, the breakfast bars have been a welcome alternative to white bread for breakfast everyday and the way they loved having better tasting coffee. It made me smile because, in Wobulenzi, it really is about the little things.

After that, I decided to get a list of things that I know would brighten days, and make life a little happier for them, the people who keep giving, and giving...and giving to those around them (including me).

I can't afford everything on this list, and so I'm hoping to get it all together to send in a box with a team visiting Wobulenzi in October.

To help, comment and let me know what you want to donate, and send it to me at -

Align Ministries
c/o Shanley Knox
14778 Fairvilla Drive
La Mirada, CA 90638
  • A flash drive
  • Toby Mac's album, "Tonight"
  • A couple packages of starbucks via
  • Gum
  • Candy (preferably a kind that won't melt easily)
  • Headphones that will work with an ipod, for a school headmaster who has been making due with ones that are purple, and have butterflies on them :)
  • Blow up beach balls to play with
  • A soccer ball
  • Toy cars
  • Blank cds
  • Skirts - used or new, preferably sizes 2-8.
  • Any kind of breakfast/energy bars.
  • Peanut butter
  • Any of Third Day's or Jennifer Knapp's albums (they can be burnt if that's easier - doesn't matter).
  • Any country music albums you might want to pass along (turns out, country music is the shiz in Uganda, and there's not enough to go around).


oaxacaborn said...

I can give some skirts! This is the incentive I need to clean out my closet. =)