Cafe con Bombo

September 1, 2010

Since my return from Uganda, I've been moved to continue doing what I can to tell the stories of the people I worked with, and to continue supporting them in whatever ways I can. Fortunately, I moved into a house with about 6 other girls who feel the same way.

Over Spanish homework and sauteed veggies, we decided that it was time to begin planning a beginning of the semester fundraiser to support AIDS victims in the villages surrounding Bombo, Uganda.

Come drink coffee, listen to live acoustic music from local artists and browse our photography, jewelry and other merchandise made by women supported through Life With Hope.

Life With Hope is an initiative in the villages surrounding Bombo, Uganda that supports families that have been torn apart by AIDS. Align Ministries, an organization working with local ministries in Bombo, has helped to set up a sponsorship and microfinance program to get impoverished and broken families on their feet.

Where: 14778 Fairvilla Drive, La Mirada, CA

September 17, 8 pm.

100% of all donations and proceeds from our Cafe con Bombo open house will go straight to recipients of Life With Hope.

View the event page here.