Uganda's beautiful

August 13, 2010

Sometimes the beauty in my life here takes my breath away, and I don't know how I'll ever leave.

I read on the veranda this morning. Woke up late enough that I caught just the tail end of the morning's cool breezes, but they lasted long enough for me to drink two cups of coffee, and begin writing about Siouxanne, and her work here.

I have so many unfinished stories to write, so many interviews still to do - so many things to think about.

But, for today, I'm just soaking it in - the sights, the accents, the half finished carving I bought this afternoon because I wanted naked wood, instead of stained...the way the lack of electricity or my normal comforts has taken me into a world full of colors, sights and smells that have delighted my eyes and moved my heart in ways that will call to after I have returned home. The way I'll miss driving into town and seeing the wares lined up by candlelight. The way I'll miss the deep darkness that comes when I'm walking outside of town and the smell of casava cooking before dinner time.

If I was a painter, I'd be glued to my canvas.

Instead, I wrestle with finding words that can pull back the veil between you, dearest reader, and the things around me. And when I can't get the words out, I use my canon.

But none of it feels sufficient.


angela said...

and yet, we're falling in love too. you've done well, friend.