August 12, 2010

Someone from the states, who I only know by the name of "Rob," decided to independently sponsor Opio a couple years ago when he came with a team and met him.

I don't know Rob, but I'm going to try and get his email from someone so I can send him an update on Opio.

Opio's mother says that since he got his sponsorship, he's started talking. Before, he rarely said a word. "He talks to me all the time now," she told us. She said that he doesn't fall sick like he used to, and has gained weight.

When I went to photograph Opio's family, we picked him up from school and drove with him in our car. The children in the houses around his were so excited - "Look at Opio! Mom! He's in a car!"

We looked for him during the family photo, only to find that he had ran back to school in order to make it in time for lunch.
I found him going to fetch water, a few days later, and took these.

Rob, whoever you are, wherever you are, you've made a difference. I can't wait for you to come back and see him!