August 19, 2010

Some days, it's the difference that catches me - the way normalcy here is a quick gasp and open stare away from normalcy in the states.

Today, it was six co-wives, all sharing a compound left for them by a late polygamous husband.

It was the colors in their complex that struck me - the blue, green and purple of their doorways and hanging laundry against the hot blue sky and the humidity hanging below the cumulus clouds. Colors. Colors like I'd notice in my mother's kitchen, or on the pier in Seal Beach. But here, instead.

Each of the women were given four single room apartments to rent out - they each live in one, and let out the other three.

"It's about survival," Millie said to me tonight. "It's more that than a jealous fight over one man. It's, 'this man will feed me. This man will feed my children. I have a place to live.'"