clearing the path for adoption

August 31, 2010

I think that my love for Aaron Klein's advocacy work in the world of adoption began, in particular, because Klein walks his talk. I love watching his children run in the front courtyard at my parent's church, and hearing his daughter Emma repeat my sister's name, "Beta! Beta! Beta!"

Klein's journey deeper into the world of adoption is one of community. His blogs about it have taken those of us watching on the (relative) sidelines with him to Korea and Ethiopia, across racial boundaries and through the ins and outs of visas and visits to meet children he called his own before he met them.

This week, I found his blog "Clearing the Path for Adoption" particularly insightful. In it, he listed four methods to clearing the path for adoption to move forward as one of the partial solutions to the global orphan crisis. Klein writes:

•We need to make adoption less expensive where we can, and help people understand how they can finance the costs if they aren’t personally wealthy. Most people don’t realize there are a number of grant opportunities, zero-interest adoption loans, and a large refundable federal tax credit to support adoption. Cost should never be an obstacle to uniting a waiting child with willing parents.

•We need to make it easier for adoptive parents to get pre- and post-adoption support to learn the parenting skills they will need to make it through tough times, excel in the many good times and develop each precious child to their full potential.

•We need to reform our local foster care systems to work extensively to reunite children with birth parents for a reasonable period of time, and then shift the emphasis to finding permanence for that child – either through intra-family adoption, or adoption by willing foster parents. (I’ve heard some amazing things about the State of Colorado’s efforts to build permanence into their policy and staffing structure.)
•We need to make it simpler for potential adoptive parents to get started and understand the pros and cons of the three major adoption choices (international, private domestic and foster adoption).

Read his follow up, "What Can You Do?" here.

Photo via Anna Friedrich.


Aaron Klein said...

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