to do

July 10, 2010

This weekend, I am picking up my prescription for Africa, finding a money belt (anyone have good ideas of where to find a money belt?), buying tank tops that WON'T make me look like a vagabond/stripper to the African people and finding as many wheatless/dairyless energy bars as possible (anyone know where to find wheatless, dairyless energy bars?), also will be getting a new water bottle since somewhere between getting my eyebrows done and rushing to pull on my favorite strapless dress for a banquet a few weeks ago, I lost the cap to mine.

Also purchasing crocs, so that I don't get a parasite through my feet (have you all SEEN pictures of those babies!?). The tradeoff is significant, but I'm cringing. I just can't handle how dumb they look, and I made it through the entire croc-loving-crisis making fun of everyone else for how dumb they looked. Annnd....hello bandwagon.

Just call my bandy.

Also sending off the $ that we made at my fundraiser this week (more on this soon), borrowing a camera from a friend and getting a terribly significant amount of cash (we deal only in 50 and 100 bills, folks, and all newer than 2003, please).

Also figuring out all my bills for the period of time that I'm gone, signing a year lease on a house in LA (more on that soon), finishing two weeks of summer school in one, getting health insurance for my trip and trying to weasle a few certain boys into taking me out wakeboarding tomorrow.

Technically, I should have gotten started at about 6:30 this morning, when I woke up and ran to the bathroom, feeling like barfing because some (unknown!?) food last night made my stomach upset.

Fortunately, I did not barf. Instead, I took the trashcan back to bed with me and I slept four more hours, and then woke up and sat on the front porch staring while my mom watered.

Right about now? I'm feeling a little like this -

Zoned out, undercaffeinated, hot and a little like staying on the floor in my mother's kitchen.

Someone pour me another cup of coffee. We've got THINGS TO DO.


Jamie said...

You can use my money belt. But I can't put any money in it. But know that Blake's sweat is probably all over it from his trip to Europe.

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Best wishes for preparing for your trip, hoping you are by now feeling much recovered.