second to lasts, and the street market

July 15, 2010

I firmly believe that second to lasts should not be brushed over.

Second to last hot shower for five weeks. Second to last morning waking up knowing I'll go to bed here, with my parents down the hall. Second to last day with pink nail polish on my toes. Second to last cup of coffee in my mother's kitchen. Second to last night in my bed.

Second to last day with my sister.

We went to the street market in Roseville with our friend Gina to celebrate -

Thanks for playing with us, Gina! We love you!


Aaron Klein said...

I can hear her now. "Shanny, you paint my arm!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for inviting me! =)

Crystal said...

by the way, I went to that showing of Singing in the Rain. the new company that is doing vintage theater there (Mystic Cinema) is AWESOME.