jump beta, jump!

July 2, 2010

Between packing for my time in Auburn, and my trip to Africa, having a last drink-and-watch-family-guy session, and catching the first train out of Union Station, I got an hour of sleep night before last. After a nap-less trip up North, a night out to dinner with my brothers and a late night movie, I passed out hard last night, and woke me up this morning to Beta smacking my arm with the phone and yelling "It's Gobie!" (my friend Geldie).  I told her to kindly let Geldie know I was sleeping, which went something like, "Gobie, Shanny sweeping!" and tried to wake up to drag myself out of bed. After my first cup of coffee, Beta and I made huevos rancheros for the boys, and started the day. 

I'm still dragging a bit. 

Beta, on the other hand? Is not.


Aaron Klein said...

I loved seeing her last night! She looks SO beautiful in red. Of course, she looks beautiful in every color.

slaveRy. said...

i personally liked the part where she imitated you lying down on the floor.

angela said...

she.is.ginormous. which is ridiculous.