fundraiser results

July 11, 2010

Thanks to all of the people who came this week - my family, my friends (along with my family's friends and their family), and all the people who walked through my front door that I had never met, much less expected to support me in my fundraiser - we raised over $750 for needy women in Uganda.

Thank you for spreading the word.

Thank you for coming.

(Aaron Klein, thank you for braving the sea of women in my house by yourself, and for supporting me, consistently, in each of my endeavors to seek to live out my dreams).

The fabulous thing about what we did, this past week, is that every single penny will go back to the women in Bombo, Uganda who made these necklaces out of magazines.

Your money will go far in making a difference.

We hope to do it again this fall - at least once!


Aaron Klein said...

I think my single guy friends were probably jealous of me... ;) Thank you for all you are doing for our brothers and sisters in Africa, Shanley!