bombings in Kampala

July 12, 2010

Sunday's bombings in Uganda were in the capitol city of Kampala.

"Somali militant group al-Shabaab, on Monday claimed responsibility for Sunday’s twin- bomb attacks in the Ugandan capital on Sunday night and slaughtered people watching the World Cup final at a restaurant and a sports club, authorities said.
One bombing targeted the Ethiopian Village restaurant, a popular night spot that was heaving with soccer fans and is frequented by foreigners, while the second one struck the Kyadondo Rugby Club that was also showing the match.
Coordinated attacks are a hallmark of al Qaeda and groups linked to Osama bin Laden’s militant network" (Daily Nation report).

Two things:

1. I'm headed to Bombo: 22 miles North. Please pray for these people. Please pray for me.

2. Would ANYONE else like to leave me nasty anonymous comments about my inconsistency in caring for human rights while supporting someone in the U.S. Military in our fight against terrorism?


More information here.

(Photos via: Daily Nation).


Aaron Klein said...

I don't know who might be leaving you nasty comments, but a strong United States military has been the greatest guarantor of human rights in the world for decades.

If people can't spot the consistency in that, they either don't want to or I can recommend some good books they could read. :)

angela said...

and aaron gets 1000 points.