photos with beta

July 7, 2010

Beta and I took a walk last night. She complains that, "every time!" I have to stop and take her photo. "Goodness!"

Her English is coming along swimmingly. I've noticed she repeats almost everything we say. 

We bought a sprite from the nice man at the ice cream store in downtown Auburn, and sat and laughed with the policemen there. Afterward, we met up with a friend of mine to take photos of Beta and her friend, Bella.

It's so fun for me to be with her in the places I went as a little girl. Awful Annie's restaurant, the firehouse and the sidewalk under the old California bar sign that I remember loving when I was little.

We stayed out for a couple hours and then came home hungry to eat with our family. It was a beautiful night.


Aaron Klein said...

You can tell her that if she wasn't so incredibly beautiful, you wouldn't take her picture so often. It's her own fault. :)

angela said...

the effects of bethany burnett are far reaching. :)

Bridget said...

Great job - and you did it all without the help of the little green box :)