advertising education

July 24, 2010

Anyone with some seriously fabulous advertising skills wanna critique the beginning of my campaign to get
children in Uganda sponsored for school?

On that note, anyone with some seriously fabulous advertising skills also want to sponsor a kid?


Mike Handy said...

Looking at your font I would pick something a little more straight and clear.. a font derived from Arial would probably work a little better. I would box out the text to make it pop a little clearer... maybe toss a transparency screen over the top.
If I were to redo this...

I would pick a solid theme of dreams... take the picture and insert copy that would hint towards there dreams in a thought bubble. ie I want to be a polit, I can eat everyday, I can go to school. I would then box out the lower section to clearly highlight 30 dollars a month you could make this happen... slap a logo and it would be effective. The Copy isnt bad it just doesn't pop, and there is no consistant creative theme to build off of.

Hope this helps