The United States reports on their own human trafficking

June 16, 2010

My dear friend Chris Moody was the first to introduce me to the 5 o'clock regulars in Washington DC. As a fairly new intern helping to start a global water issues feature at the UPI office, my first glimpse into the wonders of the culture that shapes what many like to call the, "city-wide campus" of DC was at a birthday party for an Australian 5 o'clock regular. Incidentally, it was also a bit of a book burning.

Somewhere in between my first cup of jungle juice, and a dialogue about the burn-worthy qualities of a specific section of the Australian constitution, it came to me that the district doles out education at every turn - at cocktail parties, in every 5 o'clock dive bar...even on the dance floor.

On said night, for instance, I learned a terribly practical lesson about the right to free speech and expression.

Moody has since helped me to learn the ropes of managing social media, re-writing my resume, asking editors to coffee and pretending that I know more than I, in fact, do.

All this to say, my friend recently started writing for the Daily Caller, a 24-hour news site founded by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel.

Today, he wrote on the State department's first ever report on America's modern slave trade.

Some bullet points:
  • For the first time ever, the state department has included the United States in their annual report on the modern slave trade.
  • The government estimates up to 17,500 people are trafficked in the US each year.
  • Thousands are trafficked into the United States from 60 countries, working in 90 American cities - typically in industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, janitorial services, hotel services, construction, health and elder care, hair and nail salons, and strip club dancing.
  • Anti-trafficking activists say the inclusion of the United States in the State Department document is a necessary step toward encouraging international cooperation on the issue.
Some organizations to follow:


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Disturbing. I'm off to check out those links.