tattoo time

June 15, 2010

There comes a time, in every woman's life, when the subject of tattoos must be seriously considered.

I've wanted mine since my first trip to Haiti.

It was only over onion rings and milk shakes, at 3am in a little diner on the PCH last weekend, that I truly began to consider that this time might be coming sooner than I thought.

My text "Voye'm," is something I decided on around three years ago. It's Haitian Creole and it means, "Send me." It's taken from a verse in the Old Testament, when God sees injustice, and asks who will go for him - the prophet Isaiah says, "Here am I, send me."

I would like to do the same. Haiti was the start of that for me - thus, I'd like to use the Haitian language.

A friend of mine asked "Why a tree?" This tattoo is, in truth, a dedication to a little boy I convinced my parents to adopt when I was 18. His mother ended up taking him back from the orphanage where I was living, and I haven't heard any news of him since the quake. My prayer for him is that he would be like the tree described in Psalm 1 - a person whose roots go down deep, and who produces the fruits of good character, in and out of season. 

I have a designer friend currently working on a drawing, but the ideas I sent him are below -

thoughts? especially on fonts, size and placement. I am thinking my right side.

(image via indigo arts)

(Image via Gaiam)


Ryan said...

all i know is that im planning on getting one on my right side this summer too.

ya. we can match.

Phoenix said...

I love this. Where on your right side, closer to your hips or your shoulders?

I just got mine done a few months ago on my lower back - such a great experience.

"Send Me" - beautiful. And so expressive of exactly the kind of person you are.