June 25, 2010

Sick at home, and I've been "prutsing," as Real Simple editor Jennifer Mirsky calls it. It's the art of doing a whole lot of something around the house that might look like a whole lot of nothing to a bystander. I think, more than that, it's the daunting task of taking a vacation in one's own home.

My mother, post my expedition to vacuum the floor and clean the bathroom closest to my room, commanded me to, "take it easy."

I watched a Rebecca Miller film, as an act of contrition.

I called her this morning. Catching up was the first task of the day, leg over a pillow in my sheets, in a Jeep Club 2007 tank top, and boxer shorts I still haven't changed out of. I made coffee. Watched CNN. Read the Times. Updated the Twitter sites I manage. Took my supplements. Grabbed some fresh rolls of toilet paper from the garage. Hung up my skirt from last night.

Last night, prutsing meant sitting in bed with the soft lamp on across the room, and reading half of a short story. I've taken to a daily C.S. Lewis book I found in some old boxes.

I've learned that taking a break is an art. My old doctor used to try and describe it for me. "Take a mini vacation. Twenty minutes, between whatever else you are doing. Don't always be doing something." Sometimes the 'something,' isn't even important, but it feels like work, and so it fills up the moments. Consequently, I've been learning to check facebook less, and grab the short story compilations from my shelf MORE.

Prutsing, this afternoon, looked like this story from the NY Times magazine.

It's beautiful.

Image via Farmhaus Modern. Heidi's simple blogging and photography inspires me.