love for orphans transforms

June 14, 2010

Jedd Medefind, president of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, recently wrote an article on the history of the evangelical church, and their place in the lives of orphans.

I like Medefind. I think he's the real deal.

He writes,

"Infants in ancient Rome were often disposed of via the practice of “exposing.” Whether undesirable because it was malformed, female or simply inconvenient, the child would be left alone, outside the city walls, without defense before glaring sun, icy winds or roving animals.

In 374 AD, the Christian emperor Valentinian banned the practice. But for centuries prior, a marginalized group gained a reputation for rescuing these children: Christians. The early church was known, even among many who despised it, as a people who defended the orphan. Believers went outside the city to find infants abandoned there, taking them in, and often raising them as their own. This witness was one powerful factor in the vibrant life and growth of Christianity in its first 300 years, and at other high points in history as well."

Mendefind ends his historical saga with the words, "It can be that way again."

Afterwards, he gives four reasons for it to be so, under the premise, "love for orphans transforms."

I think you'll find him a compelling advocate for the cause of the needy. 

I know my love for Beta has transformed me. 


Kendall Davis, volunteer assistant, Food for Orphans said...

It is so true how loving orphans can transform you! It's such a wonderful feeling to open your heart to a child who has not received love! Thanks for the post!

m.a.f said...

your story is so meaningful and inspiring. i wake up every day wishing to have a quarter of your goodness.

angela said...

and why looking after the orphan is defined in the bible as "pure and undefiled religion." those are really strong words. simply put, it is our call as those who love Christ.

press on, dear friend!