Holt International

June 24, 2010

A friend of mine recently adopted two children - one from Ethiopia, and one from South Korea.

I love what Aaron says about his decision to adopt. He says it grew out of the belief that every child deserves permanence.

He writes, "Children weren’t designed to grow up in institutions or even temporary homes. They were designed to grow up in permanent, loving families."

Aaron took me out to coffee early this spring to talk blogging, adoption and Africa. Our conversation turned quickly to the organization he has adopted both his children through, and I was impressed with the things he told me about Holt International, an organization (I love this) finding families for children.

The organization began as an effort to find families for children orphaned by the Korean War.

Holt not only cross international barriers, and walks through the adoption process with families, but they also provide employment for the local population.

View their children waiting for adoption here.


Kora Bruce [Dixie Lust] said...

thank you thank you thank you. the website is totally inspiring me Shanny!

Aaron Klein said...

It was a great coffee and I love that you have such a heart for the fatherless. We're excited to watch you head off to Africa again!

Anonymous said...

My family used Holt International when we adopted my brother and sister from Thailand. The company was so amazing and they were very sweet.