June 8, 2010

Speaking of brothers,

Alec is 17 today - lanky, sarcastic, quiet Alec, who calls to tell me that he misses me when I'm gone, and hugs me from behind when I search through the fridge at Mom and Dad's house.

It's Alec who moonwalks perfectly from the kitchen's black and white tile to the wood floor in the dining room - Alec who sings at the top of his lungs while washing dishes, and warbles Chris Brown and T-Pain from the shower:..

Alec who kindly hugged my highschool boyfriend and whispered, "Oh, we got a little beer belly here hunny?"

Alec who makes us roar with laughter with his quiet comments about the girl behind us in church, and has started me on a choking frenzy on more than one occasion, trying to keep my laughter inside during a conference or lecture, funeral or church service.

It's Alec who holds down the fort, tells mom he'll stick around home for years to come, and raise his children in the area, while I run off to study the obstacles to financial stability in Uganda.

It's Alec who I used to carry around in my pink tutu and faux pearl headband, singing songs to and manipulating mom into letting me feed a bottle.

Now, it's Alec who calls out, "hi big sister!" while towering over me.

It's Alec who teaches me the strength in silence.

Happy Birthday, Strawn.