#14: Shannon

Name: Shannon Hoffmann

Occupation: Board member for Three Angels Orphanage in Haiti.

If we were to ask those around you, what role would they say you most often play in the lives of others?

There are days when I feel my sole role may be to help others feel better about themselves in comparison. Let my foibles and foot-in-mouth disease make you feel better about your perceived short-comings. It is my free gift to you! I would hope I also provide the role of steadfast friend; the one who will walk with you through your bad decisions or hard times. I won't be the most popular or fun or run-after-you kind of friend - but I'll still be around when the dust settles and you are ready to talk.  I am able to love broken people and not turn away from them when I disagree or times get tough. I've realized over the years that this is more unique than I realized. 

What is your unique place in your family?
I'm the do-er. The git-er-done one. Need your socks washed or the car serviced? Got it. Need a diorama of the Vietnam War by tomorrow morning? No problem. Need that letter translated, notarized and sent Priority mail? You betcha. I truly enjoy, and find deep satisfaction, in being useful. 
As far as my kids go, I think they would say I'm the one that is the most hard on them, but also the one to extend grace quickly and love passionately.

Hardest trial you faced, and ways it has made you stronger:
It's never just the one trial now, is it? Simply put, trials (plural) are teaching me endurance. And endurance is always easier to attain when you know the prize you are running after. (I use running metaphors pretty often because they work.) The trials that have always been hardest for me are the relational ones. They hurt the most.

Your definition of beauty: Humility. I also think that real truth spoken in love is a stunning rarity.
Accomplishment you're most pleased with: That I have bamboozled my husband into still loving me like crazy after 14 years. Even though. In spite of.

Next feat you're tackling:  
Trying to protect my time with my family. I feel the time I have left with my children at home slipping away and it gives me sadness. I know the right thing to say is that I'm excited to watch them bloom and grow. I'm not. I love them so intensely I cannot believe they will be gone from me in 8-10 years. I have allowed other things, although important in their own right, to hijack too much of my time and attention and I know I will have deep regret if I don't get those things in their proper place.

Dream job: Is Professional Student a job? Magazine Editor or Food Critic would be acceptable seconds.

Favorite food: Anything without mustard. I'm easy and love to try new things (as long as there is no mustard involved).

Three things that make you terribly happy: 
Laughing with my husband, running, and feeling like progress is being made. Oh, and a margarita on a hot August night!

Best advice you've ever received: 
I have a couple.
1) When you are prone to wander, condemn, point fingers, complain, or indulge...go serve. 
and the other is more of a warning: 2) The faults you see so clearly in others are often the ones you hate most within yourself. 

Favorite quote: "Therefore, since we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely and run with endurance the race that is set before us."

Favorite picture of yourself:  
Book: Heaven by Randy Alcorn. What we think happens to us when we die should be incredibly important in determining how we live. I'm fascinated by the disconnect there.


angela said...

there are no words for the amount of love and respect i have for this woman. when i was at my absolute lowest point she told me to "crawl up under His wing and hide there." i will never forget those words and have already passed them on numerous times. she is truly the friend she described.

oh! and i LOVE that verse.

CG said...

Ah, to be such a woman! Precious. Loved every word!