the color red, and me

May 4, 2010

I said, earlier this week, that I've been trying to focus on the little things.

My friend Gina has always been one of my favorite people to celebrate life with - sometimes life at its very simplest, where it makes the most sense.

This week, she reminded me of the joy that comes in color. Color in the red shoes I love. Color in the red walls in my mother's dining room I painted. Color in the nail polish I just bought. Color in food, and color in skin that's been seeing the Long Beach sun. 

Color in me. 

I suppose it's representative - my aunt told me, last night, that I'm not, "an easy woman to deal with."

She is one of my very best friends, and I smiled when she reminded me that she's not easy to deal with either, and that, "the people who love women like us love us for that, not in spite of that."

Today, I choose red. Bold. Beautiful. Bright.

Gina's red collage, "Shanley Style" - 
1. woman wandering 2. 20 little cities 3. samurai shiatsu on flickr 4. trekearth 5. sur la table 6. choosy style 7. behinaz on flickr 8. end human trafficking: 9. oneworld projects

I love you, friend.


Phoenix said...

This color kicks ass! Red is definitely the color of power! :)

oaxacaborn said...

ok, so you definitely just made my day!! =)