May 14, 2010

Am I silly that I think of holidays and seasons in terms of colors?

This year, summer isn't about heat and water, long days, short days or the way that I feel when the sun hits my back. Instead, it's all filled up with brown, yellow, green, white and gold:


Anonymous said...

did you see my "it feels like summer green and yellow" post!? see, this is why we're friends.

angela said...

not strange at all.

Becca Boo said...

Your post are very inspiring and I love hearing about everyone's definition of beauty and their favorite quotes. I am curious how you choose the people you interview? I am an avid follow and appreciate what you wrote about Uganda. A similar blanket of ignorance was placed over South Africa when the predecessor of Nelson Mandela claimed that AIDS did not exist. Big Problem.
x, Becca