beta and the quake

May 12, 2010

Tonight, while looking through my bylines to create a website for my resume, I found this.

My favorite part:

“One thing we noticed right away is that Bethany gets freaked out by crowds and lots of noise,” said Ted. “You don’t know what associations they have had.”
And yet, Tina adds, Bethany “hasn’t mentioned anything about Haiti or the earthquake."

I smiled to myself as I read about the girl who dances in the grocery store, called me tonight to yell "ME DO BALLET!" and discussed how she's going to bring "alllll de family" to go to the beach with me after I finish school.

Not to mention, she went from never talking about the infamous Haitian quake, to telling us ALL kinds of details about it.

Last week, she told mom that all the nannies got together post-quake and sang a song about Alec (her brother, never been to Haiti in his life).

She also told us that she saw a lion.

Now, where was Anderson Cooper when THAT happened!?

More "on being a woman" to come (not to mention my very first giveaway!).


oaxacaborn said...

Reading this post, I couldn't love you more.