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May 1, 2010

Happy May First!

I purposed to spend my day in the sunshine.

I made bestie and I breakfast this morning, french pressed coffee, and then took her to Seal Beach for the afternoon. I've always loved being among beautiful things - clothes, bracelets, furniture, shops, people. It wakes something in me back up, and I start remembering that it's all the little things make up my days, and make me feel alive inside.

I'm leaving for the library, soon, and plan to spend my night eating left over Bertolli Chicken and spinach from last night, and tackling a term paper that's been hanging over my head. After that, a portfolio. After that, a design project. But I'm ready, after our day in the sunshine. I'm refreshed. Perhaps I can even enjoy my work.

It astounds me, sometimes, how easily beauty - in words, in flowers, in dresses, in people - wakes me up again and makes me feel excited about today, and tomorrow. I remember that I love to create, and to enjoy what has been created. It reminds me to write and to take pictures, and to enjoy BEING, and being a woman.

Perhaps it's my mother that did it to me - stopping me in the middle of my homework to help her move a couch across the room, or hold a picture so she could see if her collage was working out alright. We still laugh about the time I walked into the kitchen and announced I was painting her dining room red. She let me, and we both would sit, after dinner, and admire the "slightly more reddish than a brick red" color, next to the dark wood of our double-paned windows in our New York town house.

Today, in the midst of projects, the end of the semester, my stress over classes and summer plans, and jobs, we enjoyed the beauty that is Second Street - and all the little things I love about where I live.

From a greeting card in one of my favorite boutiques:

When the whole world shouts, "Give up!" Hope whispers, "Try again."
- unknown


Jess said...

Yay for painting your dining room red! And how crazy that our May firsts were so similar to each other: I spent the day browsing around at a May Day Festival (after riding there on my bike!), loving talking to artists and being inspred by their works, bought a beautiful handmade journal, and vowed to be creative with it, having its contents tell the story of my new outlook of live; then went to the forest preserve, read a book by a waterfall, walked back to find a band performing in the middle of the woods, and a minute later they were playing the song Creed with a HAMMERED DULCIMER! Seriously? Hammered Dulcimer, Creed, in the woods? What a lovely day! : ) And, yes, I am ready to get some homeowrk done tonight as well. Love you friend. Here's to a great new month of finding and creating beauty!

Carsen said...

I love polaroid!