#8: Jamie

May 16, 2010 

Name: Jamie Kehn

If we were to ask those around you, what role would they say you most often play in the lives of others? Humorist, the joker.

What is your unique place in your family? I am breaking the cycle of silence that is the thread through my family by teaching my son to talk about his feelings & not keep them inside

Hardest trial you faced, and ways it has made you stronger: 
 Hardest trial is now, trying to raise a child in an unpredictable world. His existence makes me stronger.

Your definition of beauty:  My son's laughter.

Accomplishment you're most pleased with: How my son has turned out so far.

Next feat you're tackling: Signing up for karate.

Dream job: Animal rights activist or environmentalist.
Three things that make you terribly happy:
My partner, my son and good friends.

Best advice you've ever received: Don't lend or borrow money from friends or family

Favorite quote: "The most important things are the hardest to say. They are the things you get ashamed of because words diminish your feelings" - Stephen King

Favorite picture of yourself: 

Book you're currently reading: Robert Jordan-Wheel of Time series.