#6: Kelly

Name: Kelly Wood

Some people call me a real estate investor, some people call me a landlord, some people call me an architect, but mostly what all of that means is that I have no mother loving idea how to talk about my occupation in five hundred words or less. Basically, I tear up buildings and put them back together.
It's a buzz killer, I know.

Since that answer doesn't tend to go over so well at cocktail parties, I'll let you try my stock explanation on for size. For the last decade, along with a stint as an Executive Director for a commercial building specialties company, I've been buying, designing, and renting properties along the east coast of Florida. Which means that there are times when I purchase places so filthy that people suspect that I may be part earthworm. Except an earthworm who spends her days with the world's four greatest canines working on properties which are plunked down within a few minutos of the beach. So all in all it's a pretty good gig.

If we were to ask those around you, what role would they say you most often play in the lives of others?
I spent my childhood doing things like flying out of a speeding Radio Flyer wagon while trying to conquer the steepest hill in our neighborhood and losing my front teeth to a sidewalk of concrete while misjudging a nose dive onto a sled. Had I known then that the every single person that I asked this question to tonight (twenty something years later) would answer, "advisor, of course," I might have taken the health of my cranium just a little more seriously.

What is your unique place in your family?
I was raised as a middle child smack dab in the middle of the country. Meaning that I had to get the heck out of both situations or risk ending up in suburbia with Mom Hair and saddlebags. Add that to the fact that I spent most of my twenties not practicing architecture at a conventional firm, instead choosing to do things like wield a sledgehammer and drive around property hunting hours after midnight, and it should come as no great surprise that I haven't been in the physical presence of my blood relatives in more than a few years.

Hardest trial you faced, and ways it has made you stronger:
I grew up believing that my brother was cooler than Johnny Depp mixed with Big League Chew. I firmly believe that when the person who anchors your identity is removed from the planet suddenly and viciously it teaches you much more about your own mortality than even the prospect of dying does.

I couldn't even say the word die for years.

Your definition of beauty:
I think that you only really meet beauty when you cannot part without it in your company.

Accomplishment you're most pleased with:
Surviving my twenties. I'd say thriving, but let's not set the bar too high for my thirties.

Next feat you're tackling:
I think I'll start collecting VHS tapes of Small Wonder or perfecting my break dancing skills with white girl corn rows. Or maybe I'll just keep doing whatever it is I've been up to. I'll let you know.

Dream job:
Let's revisit that first question.

Favorite food:
Is there a reason to discriminate?

Three things that make you terribly happy:
Four things with sixteen paws. Slate, Zoe, Manny, and Satchel. The guy sitting next to me makes it somewhere in that mix, too, though it's important to note that he walks upright.

Best advice you've ever received:
"If you don't learn how to throw a frisbee right, you'll always suck at everything. I don't care that we've been at it all night. Do it right and we can stop."

Favorite quote: "Stay gold." The Outsiders

Favorite picture of yourself:
Can I pick two? I'm never in full make up and without a dog in my lap so we really need a shot of that, too, I think.

Book you're currently reading:
The Camel Club, by David Balducci


Carsen said...

can kelly and i be friends?

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Of course, Carsen! :)


Shanley said...

yep, not only is she fabulous and funny...she's super hot!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Great interview, learned quite a bit about Kelly...much of it I can relate to. Both photos of her are great!!

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Kelly NEVER takes a bad photo. Thanks for this interview, I learned things I never knew, and some I wish never happened to this wonderful soul who graces our planet.

The Boese Family said...

Oh no! I think I have Mom hair AND saddle bags! :)

Great interview! I love Kelly's spirit and wit. Thanks for sharing.


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Shanleypants, I'm blushing!


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Tina, you are TOO generous and sweet!