#4: Liz

May 10, 2010

Name: Liz McLean (Editor's Note: To me, Liz will forever be, "Lizard Breath." She's been Lizard Breath since before I was even in junior high).

Occupation: HR Manager at a software company

If we were to ask those around you, what role would they say you most often play in the lives of others? Nagavator (Hybrid of Nag and Navigator), Cheerleader, Sounding board, Getter of blankies, and mik, Potty training facilitator, Stuffed friend hugger, Boo boo kisser, Bright side locator, Worse case scenario-izer, Song lyric interpreter.

What is your unique place in your family? First born, last to know stuff.

Hardest trial you faced, and ways it has made you stronger:

Death of my brother Will. Not sure it made me stronger, but it made me more aware of who my people are.

Your definition of beauty: The way my kids currently view the world.

Accomplishment you're most pleased with: Births of my babies.

Next feat you're tackling: Letting go of hollow ambitions and having another child (simultaneously).

Dream job: Celebrity Day-sitter or professional song analyzer

Favorite food: Sushi and Indian Thai.

 Three things that make you terribly happy:
The Celebrity Current Events section of People magazine, the first sip of wine on Friday after work, my children saying "I lub u all my heart mommy"

Best advice you've ever received:
Ask yourself "Will it matter in a year?"

Favorite quote:
"Believing I had supernatural powers I slammed into a brick wall" Paul Simon.

Favorite picture of yourself:
Age 7 catching my first fish on Whiteley's ledge.

(and a more recent photo...)

Book you're currently reading:
Haven't been able to start one since reading the Twilight Series. I am still "Twi-terpated"