meet Julie, who writes about orphans and the fatherless

April 12, 2010

Meet Julie Chandler, who recently wrote Orphans and the Fatherless, a book I'm hoping to delve into in the next few months.

I asked Julie to answer some questions for me about her new book, and the information in it. My hope, with this post, is to provide her with another forum to benefit others with the knowledge that she has gained.

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tell me a bit about your recent book about orphans and the fatherless?
Orphans and the Fatherless is first of all, a book describing who orphans and the fatherless are - their situations, about their lives, what they need...highlighting also things like - 75% of all prisoners grew up without a, things we don't often think about. Secondly, I talk about why we even need fathers - what their role is and why that is important. Lastly, I focus in on what the Lord thinks about the fatherless and how He wants us active in this area.

what do you feel is different about your definition of the orphaned and fatherless?
My definition is a little different because I'm not just talking about children who are living in orphanages around the world or children whose parents have died of AIDS. I'm also talking about foster children and children of divorce, children who have been kicked out of their house etc...

can you tell me a bit about your own story?
I am adopted and last year I applied to find out identifying information on my birth parents. Interestingly enough, the documents came back providing plently of information on my birth mother, but in the section about my birth father, it was left blank. Adopted into a wonderful family however, I don't consider myself an orphan or fatherless.

what, in your own life, inspired you to write this book?
I was inspired to write this book in just learning about how the fatherless are so close to the Lord's heart...and there are 143 million of them in the world! Learning more about human trafficking and how vulnerable orphans can't help but want to do something when you start to see the problems.

what new information do you feel that you have to present?
It's not so much "new" information, but simply information! When I went to the bookstore a year or so ago, there was virtually nothing to be found on orphans. This is a step in the right direction.

what do you hope your book will accomplish?
Getting people involved helping orphans or the fatherless. That may take many forms - adopting or visiting an orphanage and playing with the children or financially support an orphanage or emotionally support a family adopting or helping out a single mom who is raising fatherless children...the ways to get involved are endless!

what is your encouragement to others - do you attempt to inspire them to take action? if so, how?
I think people will be inspired to take action. That may also be with prisoners, the homeless or foster children. There are so many different types of the fatherless. I don't know how...that will depend on their location, situation, personality and desires.

what would you say is the largest obstacle facing us in the area of helping us to begin to help the orphaned and fatherless?
Knowledge. We don't realize what in the world is going on - and how bad it is.

what are some resources for people to look to for more information about the orphaned and fatherless?
There are literally thousands of orphanages in the world but a good place to start would be the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

what are some good organizations/causes for people to get involved with?
Visionedd. I love these guys, as they are building the very first rape crisis centre in Malawi. Their sister organization is Women for Orphans and Widows.
Project 1.27 - All about adoption, they have a goal so that there are no waiting children in Colorado's foster care system.
God's Littlest Angels - An orphanage that has been serving in Haiti for years.

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(photo 1. via orphans and the fatherless. photo 2. via Julie Chandler).


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