fundraiser for my trip

April 13, 2010

I've posted several times about my pending trip to Bombo, Uganda for two months this summer.

I've been raising funds through sending out postcards, promoting it on my blog, and writing ye 'ol facebook notes about what exactly it is that I'm going to be doing.

All of that to say, last night, while eating a grilled cheese sandwich my housemate made me, cross legged on my bed talking on the phone, checking my twitter, and wearing half of the day's outfit with my floral pj bottoms...

I got a fabulous idea.

Are you ready!?

I'm selling Thoughts From S. sponsorships for my trip to Africa.

Rather than setting rates, I'm asking for donations - my advertising space, your advertisement, for the amount you feel you would like to donate to my trip.

Email me with your thoughts.

Image via gunnisal's flickr.


Meg Fee said...

oh what a perfect idea!

(ps: as requested my email is fee.meg @ gmail and i absolutely cannot wait to see what you've written).

i think you're really something special, you should know that.