easter with beta

April 5, 2010

Yesterday was Beta's first Easter as part of our family. 

Watching her experience it all - the egg coloring, the beautiful dress for church, time with brothers, her Easter basket (showing each, individual, fairy and egg and piece of chocolate to daddy while he laid on the living room floor watching, her early morning LOUD exclamations of delight having woken us all up) - made it all richer for me. I loved the early morning excitement of what her basket held, her twirling in front of my mother's full length mirror, her smiles at church and the way she grinned at presents on her plate at breakfast - just like I have, every year I can remember. Mom always makes everything so beautiful.
I suppose most people can relate when I divulge that I struggle, most the time, with delighting in holidays like I did as a little girl.

But this weekend? Half my heart felt seven again, watching her. I couldn't have conjured up such delight within myself, but it turns out all the giddiness I used to feel was still there in my heart, ready to be taken in on Sunday morning with my warm cup of coffee and my mother's french toast casserole.

I couldn't have asked for a better holiday.


Meg Fee said...

oh god, this is so beautiful. your pictures and words made me enjoy all easters i've ever had, all over again. gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

Phoenix said...

Lovely photos... so glad Beta is enjoying the holidays and blending into the family so well :)

I think this is why people have kids...so they can relive how awesome holidays were when they were younger vicariously through them.

And "entheos" is a Greek word that means "God within" but is also the root word for "enthusiasm," which I have in spades. I think you do too :)