Being accountable

April 14, 2010

I've been reading the book A Billion Bootstraps, this week.

More on that to come soon.

For now, however, in between assignments, the throng of cars I need to enter back into on the 405, and the push to get to school on time, I'd like to simply post some of what Eric Thurman likes to call "accountability."

My trip to Africa is going to cost about $2400.

I have been given about $500.

That leaves about $1900.

This covers the cost of my flight, the cost of my food (about $10 a day), and the cost of my gas/transportation to and from the school I will be working at while living there.

I've decided to ask for $50 per sponsorship, per month on Thoughts from S.
If you'd like to give more, that's splendid. If not, that's just just as fabulous.

I know that you're not donating to an orphan somewhere, or giving a needy Haitian woman a blanket - but I'd like to think that you're helping me to tell the stories of those people. I'd like to think that you're helping me help Donela school to better educate their students.

I'd like to think that your money will be worth more than what you're giving, as I am enabled to get the word out about the needy in Bombo, Uganda through writing, photography and my work with the needy there.

I'd like to think that this trip is a worthy cause.

I do KNOW that every.single.penny you give will be going to my trip.