Nate walks for water

April 1, 2010 

Meet Nathan Gardner, who I heard about through Charity:Water.
He's leaving on a trip today to walk across the United States to raise money for the global water crisis. Last night, I asked him some questions about it: 

Tell me about your plans to walk across the United States for Charity Water?

The plan is to walk the American Discovery Trail. I hope to cover 20 - 25 miles a day.  

Why water?
People need it to live. There’s no reason not to have it or to keep if from anyone. To think that people have to walk 3 hours a day just to get water…dirty contaminated water at that. People are dying because of it. The human race should be doing better. Those are our brothers and sisters and we shouldn’t need a reason to help out. The world cannot move forward, unless we move forward together.

Why walking? 
Walking and meeting people face to face gives it a more personal touch. Plus I believe I might be able to reach people that Charity: Water hasn’t yet. They have a great online campaign and commercials on TV yet I had never heard of them or the problem at hand. It took someone on YouTube interviewing the founder Scott Harrison for me to finally learn what was going on. A third party source found its way to me and inspired me. I’m hoping being a third party myself, that maybe I can reach some people and maybe even inspire others.

What do you hope to accomplish?
My first way of looking at it was I wanted to help a 1,000 people. To do that I need to raise $20,000. It sounds like a lot but not if you break it down in twenties. If I can get 1,000 people to donate $20 each, then we did it. $20,000. A 1,000 people helping a 1,000 people.

What is your motivation?
Besides trying to help people, this is one giant exercise for my brain and body. I love adventure and wish to meet new people and collect more stories. It’s my hope when I’m done to have a better appreciation of everything I have and use day to day. 
What was the process you went through in making this decision?
25 years in the making. My father was in the Navy and we would have to move every 4 years. I feel I’m very capable at adapting to anywhere I go. The biggest obstacles for me were being okay finically and being in a good physical condition.

How do you hope to be changed through it?
Even though I like talking to people, I’m not the greatest when it comes to speaking. I hope over time I get better at talking about anything.

What do you think will keep you walking when you want to stop?
I’m very curious what my breaking point is. But I have the moral support of so many people. My friends and family are helping me in so many ways. And everyone is just a phone call away. My parents are even coming out for a week to walk with me once I get to Iowa.

How can people get involved?
I encourage anyone to go and read about what’s happening at Charity: Water lets anyone start up a campaign to raise money. And you can do anything. You can give up your birthday, anniversary, climb a mountain, even walk across a country.  
People can donate to my campaign here: or by going to the donate page on my person website.

What is your favorite quote?
“The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.” - Thomas Paine

Some ideas for a Charity:Water fundraiser of your own: