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April 6, 2010

This week, I have begun to manage new media for Align Ministries, an organization based in Mission Viejo, CA, but working in Bombo, Uganda, as well as other areas (such as Haiti, Chile and New Orleans) experiencing the effects of disaster. 

Align's vision is, "to see at-risk people regardless of a person’s religion, race, ethnicity, gender or political belief have an opportunity for basic health, nutrition, clean water and education and to thrive in their community"

Incidentally, I have come to strongly believe in what they do, and the way that they do it.

I love that they work for orphan prevention, and the way they fight to keep families together. I love the way they get behind local churches and communities in Africa so that people can come together and help one another, even when Align isn't around.

Today, I set up their twitter, facebook page and their cause page. I would appreciate (very much) if ya'll would start following/become fans of/support all three, in their respective order.

That's the first order of business.

Second, I suppose that it's about time that I reminded you that I am heading out to put some walk to my talk this summer, and I'm in the midst of raising funds for a two month trip I'll be taking to live in Bombo so that I can help to bring their media up to date, as well as working with local school children, teachers and orphans acclamating to placement in new families.

You can donate to my trip here.

That's the second order of business.


I'm in the midst of setting up a fundraiser for Align...and I'm just a wee bit excited about it. I'll be posting pictures, next week, of necklaces that women (pictured left) in the local village in Uganda have handmade (I've been wearing mine all the time - they really are fabulous).

All of the money from your necklace purchases will go to Align, and straight back to their work in Uganda (another thing I love about them is that 100% of your donation - ALL 100% - goes to the people they are working with in Africa).

In order to better help you understand the need that Align is meeting, I asked Millie, who lives and works with the needy in Bombo (and whose family I will be living with this summer), to send me some information about the school.

She sent me the following about the way donations have made a difference in the lives of local children:

Wobulenzi is a village as well as a town.  It is characterized by many un-cared for children and youth school drop-outs.  This category of children spend most of their time roaming the town/village, throwing stones at people’s houses,  scavenging rotting garbage heaps for anything to play with, and perhaps something decent to eat. 

Wobulenzi Pentecostal Church is out to make a difference in the lives of Wobulenzi’s children.  We are determined to raise a Godly generation that will be of a much higher caliber, quality, and character.

Through your monthly contributions and donations, Donela Wobulenzi has been able to move out of Pastor Alex and Millie’s garage, into a building we rent.  With a better location, our number has grown from 2 to 10 children.  Word is now spreading quickly about our service, with more parents enquiring about us and promising to bring their children.  When the playground equipment you partners contributed towards is put up, there is no doubt that it will attract very many more children.  There is nothing of the kind in Wobulenzi.  The fees are affordable because we would like to attract as many local children from within Wobulenzi as possible, rather than seek out the wealthy community.  Life With Hope pays for all children under its care, thanks to you. 

For two weeks now, our new venue has enabled us to host what we call “children’s cell” every Monday evening.  Here children are given popcorn or sweets, and taught the word of God.  All kinds of unruly children come for this cell.  So far, twenty children gather, and these are spreading the “popcorn” word to many others.  This is a great avenue to reach children for Christ.


For now, you can comment below if you already know you would like to purchase a necklace. I'll be putting up pictures next week, but if you trust my (fabulous) taste enough put in your order now, what you can do is the following:

2. Post a comment with the name you donated under, along with the color necklace you would like (we have almost every color - all handmade, all beautiful).
3. Send me an email at with your shipping address, and the best way to reach you.

(all photos via align ministries).


Carrie said...

What a great organization! I'm following both their twitter and facebook account now. Thanks so much for sharing this! :)