music monday

March 7, 2010

I fell in love with this song last semester. This weekend, while furiously cramming for two eight page papers and a 45 minute presentation (all due today - wish me luck), it came into my head randomly on the way out to grab dinner. I could only remember one line, and I had to keep singing it over and over again to myself, before I started remembering where it was from.

I came home and found it on youtube - fell in love all over again. While I listened, I realized that I had loved it so much because it described exactly how I felt last fall.

Whenever my heart is broken, my mom always tells me that someday, and it will literally happen overnight, I will wake up - and the sun will be shining again. The leaves will have color. I'll laugh, and it will feel natural. I'll notice things I couldn't see before.

She's (always) been right.