A little bit redneck

March 31, 2010

Sunday, top down in my Miata, and country music blaring, I argued with boy about whether "muddin" or "mud bogging" is the correct terminology for activities otherwise known as taking one's truck into a deep/wide/mucky puddle of mud and slinging mud while spinning in circles and making one's girlfriend squeal and  grab onto her seat with both hands...

More on that here. 

As I vehemently argued for the (more superior) term "mud bogging," boy turned to me, and quite seriously informed me that I am a (and I quote), "total redneck."

While I have hinted at this before, I don't think I had ever been quite so bluntly confronted with it.

I was, shall we say, almost speechless - but only for about 2/3rds of a half of a second (which is typical).

I think the first thing I said was "No. No, I am absolutely NOT a redneck."

And then I said, "Just cause I listen to country music, and I can four wheel, and I like to go mud bogging, and I..."

I stopped when I realized that I was actually arguing FOR his point by creating a list that included:

1. Preferring dive bars to lounges, and habitually trying to convince everyone that we should play James Taylor on the Jukebox
2. Craving fried chicken on a regular basis.
3. Having the middle name Jo, which, put with Shanley, just sounds little bit like Bonnie Sue or (as my best friend likes to remind me) Bobby Jean...
4. Begging everyone and anyone to go to see Brad Paisley with me when he comes to town.
5. Dating boys with large trucks.
6. Having a certain affection for being in the driver's seat when it comes to four wheeling through mud.
7. Loving Monday night football.
8. A sweet tea addiction I just can't kick.
9. Being raised my a mother who played the Judds, Bonnie Rait and EmmaLou Harris on repeat (she still grabs me to slow dance and sing with her in the kitchen every time this song comes on).
10. Crying after Christmas the year I turned ten, because my grandfather bought all the boys bb guns, and I didn't get one.
11. Having too many second cousins to count.
12. A huge obsession with this blog.
13. Suddenly believing the whole world is right when I hug Gramps, and get a big whif of cigars and O'douls.

After a lengthy pause (in which I thought of almost all of the above points), I simply said - "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Don't you dare tell him otherwise.



Geldie said...

Just a little bit is right! Luv ya Shan...even though you are a redneck!

Anonymous said...

Ain't nothing wrong with a little James Taylor, Monday Night Football and tearing it up on the fourwheeler. ;-)

CG said...

Your hatred of store-bought guacamole could have made the list as well. Love you just as you are, Shan. And yep, your neck is red. Mine's a close crimson.

angela said...

you an me both, sista.