already found

March 30, 2010
A dear friend sent me this quote this week -

"We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be." - Anne Lamott

I've been stuck on it ever since.

I feel that it encompasses all that I have been learning - in my last year of journ school, in therapy, in talks with my mother, in writing - in my hopes for the future. 

I've been learning to be what I am - to take pride in my accomplishments, to recognize my short comings, and to be willing to change them (SCARY), to see my comfort zone, and to push myself to step beyond it - to look in the mirror and recognize the days that I feel beautiful, and to bask in be a woman. 

I'm not sure that there is any better place to learn to marvelously be yourself than the Pacific Ocean.

Thank you, life-long friend, for being less than twenty minutes from my home this semester.

(I'm coming to believe that life is never so right as it is when met with sandy feet and sunburned shoulders).


Phoenix said...

The Pacific Ocean fixes so many things. As does In N Out ;)