understanding me

February 18, 2010

My therapist called today to tell me she had been assigned to me, and that she is ready to start next week.

She, incidentally, is also the person who did my entrance interview. Incidentally, I noticed the shoes she wore during that interview...and I loved them.

I'll admit that while she was posing questions about past head injuries and romantic relationships - I thought "Oh, I hope the therapist I am assigned to also wears cute shoes."

I mean, adorable - perfect little gray pumps with the perfect outfit - just meant for those little gray pumps.

Clearly, we are going to work through my issues JUST fine.

We're going to meet on Monday mornings - which is awful, except for the fact that we both reached to shake hands while holding coffee in our other hand. So, clearly, at least she understands me on that deep, deal breaking and crucial issue.

(photos mine)


Phoenix said...

Therapy has changed my life (for the better.) It has given me such good communication skills...not that I need any excuse to make my blog posts longer, but still... and it has done wonders for most aspects of my life.

Congrats on taking that huge first step.