morning session

February 15, 2010

Dear entry therapy session therapist:

the fact that I barely slept last night, and woke up early this morning, is not the best foot on which to start off our relationship.

Really hope you don't mind if I seem like a raging lunatic with rage issues, bipolar tendencies and/or turrets.

It's just my morning self.

I really hate mornings.

And I really love being out having a grand time at night.

It's possibly a problem.

But we won't be talking about it...because, alas, we're meeting in the morning.



Claire said...

I... have the same problem. I'm trying to be better. I'm pretending that I can get up in the morning and be pleasant... This usually requires some coffee though.

sanchez said...

I hope your mornings get better.


Red Boots said...

I too am not a morning person - I'm so grumpy and impossible to get up. I am also not an evening person (I get too sleepy) - so I reach my peak around midday, and rapidly deteriorate at 4pm. So yeah, I have a four hour window when I'm at my best!

Phoenix said...

Man, I do not become HUMAN until after 11 am...and caffeine makes me sick so I can't cheat and fake it via coffee.

Grumble grumble.

oaxacaborn said...

I am evil in the mornings. And I do mean...EVIL.

Haddock said...

I really hate mornings. ??????

Mornings are the best part of the day.