February 14, 2010

Today is one of my favorite days - not just because I have a little bit of a holiday obsession, but because I don't think there's anything more wonderful to celebrate than love.

Is there?

I'm one of those people who truly can't complain. Everywhere I look, I feel like I find love and support and kindness. And when I don't, I'm one of those people with about a thousand girlfriends to recover with, and a family so fiercely loyal they've scared away more than a few potential heartaches.

Love has become so much bigger to me this year - it's become the things I love, and the friends I love, the places I love and the people I have loved them with. It's become the causes that make me passionate, the children I have worked with, the family that I can't imagine living without. I hope, more and more, to have it become the love that I give. 

All that to say, I have a lot of love to be thankful for today. And I am very much aware of it.


without further ado, 10 things I love, and plan on celebrating alllll day long:

1. My mother - my rock, one of my very best friends, and the woman who climbs in bed with me and cries just as hard as I do when I get my heart broken.
2. My brothers - who call me "Bonita," and make me feel loved all the time.
3. My new sister, whose existence reminds me every single day that there is a God who loves me, and He is involved.
4. My Daddy, who reminds me who I am - and has encouraged me to BE who I am, since I was small enough to start - and has always made me positive that he loved and adored that girl, no matter who she turned out to be, or how she got lost along the way.
5. Double tall mochas, that make me feel love inside my tummy, no matter what.
6. Funds coming in for my Africa trip this summer, so I can go to a place I love, to work with children and women that I know I will grow to love.
7. My new (short) hair (which I, incidentally, love).
8. Living in Long Beach, where the weather is warm enough for me to wear my rainbows (which I love) every single day.
9. All the people in my life who have made me so positive, this past year, that I have more than my allotted share of people to share love with - friends, family, people I've met through this blog that I don't know in person - my life feels so very full of love.
10. This blog which, oddly enough, has taught me more about love than I ever expected - thanks to all of YOU.
(10.5. Tonight's plans).

(photo via - my new camera is going to come alive SOON!)


Anonymous said...

you're amazing, you know that?

angela said...

and tonight's plans included . . . ?

i, on the other hand, don't love this holiday. it's so forced. and there are far too many shallow expectations placed and unmet. no thanks.

i do, however, love you. very much. and i need new pictures of beta. and her hair. and stories of how she is coping. and what a great dad your dad is being. and anything about your mom, whom i adore.

S. said...

going to the garden, the church downtown I've fallen in love with, dinner at my FAVORITE greek place, um...chocolate? And a movie - we started watching The Lovely Bones and left because I got scared, hahaha. We tried Avatar, and decided it was dumb - and then we gave up.

Phoenix said...

This post made me smile so much.

You are so lucky, girl - so very, very loved, it would seem :)

ricky0321 said...

i agree with oaxacaborn

Chuck Wilson said...

I don't like St. Valentine's Day