love game #4: Three Angels Children's Relief

February 10, 2010

What organization or cause in Haiti is your benefit/fundraiser donating to?
What does your organization/cause seek to do in Haiti?
Three Angels Children's Relief operates an orphanage, a school, and a clinic in the city of Port au Prince.

How long have they been there?
Since May 2003

Why should people be comfortable giving their money to your organization, in contrast to sending it somewhere else?
Three Angels is an established organization seeking to better the lives of children of Haiti through connecting them with adoptive families in the states, providing education to children of the community through the school, and providing essential medical care to the children of the orphanage, and the children, families and staff of those the organization helps.  Three Angels is an established 501 (c)(3) organization.

Where is it?
Various locations on the Whitworth University campus (Spokane, WA), visit and look up the top right corner for information.

When is it?
Various times and dates, visit and look up the top right corner for information.

How much does your event cost?
Price dependent on event, visit and look up the top right corner for information.

What opportunities will there be for people to donate?
Price of admission, less certain costs per event, goes towards relief efforts.  Visit to find a link to donate.

What percentage of people's donations will go to the Haitian people, administrative costs, etc. aside?
100% of online donations go to Three Angels, and the percentage of event admissions depends on individual fund raisers.

How can people be sure that this is true?
The university is monitoring all events and handling all funds received for Three Angels.

If people cannot make it to your fundraiser, where can they donate?
Visit and click on the "Make a donation" link or visit to donate directly to the organization.

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